Monday, April 30, 2018

Z is for ZEN



Finding time or actually taking time to stop and relax has always been a problem
 for both my husband and I and moving to Hawai'i did not suddenly change us.

We needed to find peace find a way to relax or in so many words find our place of ZEN!
Heddy and Hoku had no difficulty with this concept they
could find happiness and relax in any number of places.
Hoku is happy to nap on the Beach while Heddy SWIMS
If there is Water then there is HEDDY
Napping Is what HOKU does best
From helping to plant trees in the yard or finding just the right spot for a nap in the sun they never seemed to stress over thing they had left undone.

Slowly I have been able to find my Space my ZEN I have a Window seat in my bedroom and I am able to watch Sunrise from there. It is my time as I am usually the only one up.

Both my husband and I find peace in working in the yard
 and with our view it is easy to get lost in your own thoughts.

But when we truly need to Breath and decompress there is no place like a Beach
 ANY Beach at any time of day. From Morning to Sunset.

 And when day is done to find that true moment of

in the setting of the sun.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Y is for YEAST


A Loaf of Bread Costs How Much???

When we came to Hawaii on Vacation I never really noticed the cost of Groceries 
after all we were on VACATION I really did not think about it. 
And the Grocery story was cheaper than buying anything at the resorts. 
But soon after moving to Hawaii as a full time resident it hit me how in the world could a loaf of bread cost over $6.00.  I mean Bread on a super saver special is $4.59!
So since I was retired and had lots of time I decided I would save money and

As any one but me know making it your self might make it better but it does not always make it cheaper.  First you have to purchase all of the necessary ingredients. From YEAST to Flours, and special baking pans. For me it became another hobby (addiction) Yeast breads were fun but what about the WILD YEAST or SOURDOUGH so now I had a living thing on my counter that required care and feeding every 12 hours.

 But it Thrived and I kept baking making Sourdough Bread, and Pumpernickel Breads and even doing some sweet breads playing with Cinnamon Rolls. 

I thought I had inherited my Grandmother's golden touch. 
She baked bread every morning her kitchen full of wonderful YEASTY fresh baked bread smells.
So far all of my loaves were wonderful and tasty I was pretty cocky. 
I should have know it was coming .
I made a loaf of Rye bread it smelled great in the oven 
BUT when I opened the oven it it was as flat as a pancake.
My loving husband suggested using it as a door stop. 
BUT in our family we waste nothing and I knew someone would LOVE IT!

I will continue to play with my Yeast both commercial Yeast and Wild Yeast in Sourdough.
 But mostly because we enjoy the fresh baked bread I do not think 
I will be saving much money with my baked goods.

Friday, April 27, 2018

X is for eXpectations

X - eXpectations

Every time you think you KNOW what you are doing 
your dog will be sure to show you how wrong you are!

I have been training and working with dogs since I was 10 years old and my father allowed me to start helping him train out German Short Haired Pointers. He hunted them and did field trials with them.  I did the Obedience training and socialization of puppies. AND when he was not looking trained them to be my circus Dogs and do tricks.

After leaving home I continued working with dogs and over the years have owned and trained quite a few but unlike my father I chose working breeds instead of a Hunting Breed. I had high eXpectations of their abilities and behavior and they never let me down. Training these dogs was not work it was FUN! Over the years I have owned and LOVED Poodles, Dobermans, and Rotties. These are all dogs with strong work drive and focus on owner and a real desire to please!

When we lost our last Rottie my husband requested a small breed for a change. He had always wanted a Border Terrier. I have never been a small dog person and especially NOT a terrier person. BUT he had put up with all of my dogs for all these years I thought he should get to have a say in this one. Even though I knew who would be doing the training and he would get to do the fun stuff only.
After several months of hunting we found our girl. And on New Years Eve Heddy Joined the family. 

WOW did she surprised me.  I have never had such fun training. She flew through the beginners stuff and looked for more! Always exceeding my eXpectations. I was quickly put to shame when at 6 months old she was winning Obedience trials at the beginner level and was moving upward.

 By the time she was a year old she was as far as we were going to go in Obedience and Rally and we started looking around for more games to challenge her active mind. 
 She loves everything I throw at her. No challenge seems to tough.
 She has done some tracking and scent detection (Nose Work),
Tracking and scent detection in the snow is a fun challenge for Heddy NOT for ME!

as well as fun activities such as Dock Diving,

 and Earth Dog (hunting Rats) she was BORN to hunt rats! 
She might start the Hunt nice and clean 
But after working and finally going to ground

She almost always comes out a MUDDY Happy Mess

I have not regretted getting this Little Brown Dog for one moment she has far exceeded eXpectations and continues to delight us daily.
Even Heddy has eXpectations of retirement in HAWAII

Thursday, April 26, 2018

W is for WHALE


In winter months the song of whales can be heard underwater throughout Hawaii. 

And there Acrobatics can be watched from the shores.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

V is for VOG


Unfortunately there is always a negative for evey positive
 and as BEAUTIFUL as Hawaii is we deal with at least one ugly thing....

Vog is a form of air pollution that results when sulfur dioxide and other gases and particles emitted by an erupting volcano react with oxygen and moisture in the presence of sunlight. The word is a combination of the words "volcanic", "smog", and "fog". Dealing with VOG started in Hawai'i when the Kilauea volcano, on the Island of Hawai'i  began January 3, 1983. 

It has gotten much worse since 2008 when Kilauea began emitting 2,000 to 3,000 tons per day of SO2 from its two active vents since.
Plumes of Gas rise up from the ocean

GASES escape as Lava hits the Ocean 

When the VOG is thick the SUNRISE is RED 



But when the TRADE WINDS return and the VOG Clears
 ours Sky returns to Crystal clear