Wednesday, April 11, 2018


J- Jumping Flea
Strumming my Uku Lele
 'ukulele "ukulele," literally, "jumping flea," from 'uku "flea" + lele"jumping"
It is said the flying fingers of someone playing a Ukulele reminded early Hawaiians of Jumping Fleas.

When I was 13 all I really wanted to do was play the guitar, but my father insisted my hands were much to small to span the neck so instead of a Guitar for my birthday I unwrapped a Beautiful Martin Baritone Ukulele.

  I was so disappointed for about 2 seconds then I realized it was the exact same first four strings of a Guitar so I really was learning Guitar. Eventually I did graduate to The Guitar but my Ukulele was always what went along on trips it was just easier to transport. 

Fast forward 20 years and my husband and I were on a trip to Hawai'i EVERYWHERE I looked people were playing Ukuleles so of course that was the souvenir that would go home with me. I got a beautiful Koa Tenor sized Ukulele and took a few lessons before leaving the Islands.

After my first Ukulele lesson with Roy Sakuma 
Over the years my collection has grown and now even includes on that I made my self while on Molokai attending Aloha Music Camp.
Starting with a frame to shape the sides

Adding a neck it actually starts to look like an Ukulele
After the top and bottom are applied everything is sanded for hours

Eventually the strings are added and you have a playable instrument

My three favorite Ukuleles

My addiction has grown to 6 Ukuleles over the years, including my 52 year old Baritone,  I have my two Tenors, an 8 String Kamaka , a Concert size to take on trips, and my beautiful Koa Concert size that I made by hand.   


  1. Wow! I've owned four or five guitars and still can't play a lick.

  2. Just pick them up and start strumming. Not for anyone but yourself.

  3. I have no musical talent at all and envy those that do. Love your collection!

    Donna B. McNicol|Author and Traveler
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    1. I enjoy playing but do not have near the talent that many people have. I just love music. Most of the time I just play for my own pleasure.

  4. Wow Nancy! Impressive! Like Donna, I have no musical talent at all. Way to go, making your own!

  5. Oh and I had no idea the name meant jumping flea! That's something I'll try to remember.