Monday, April 16, 2018


N – Nigerian Dwarf

 NO, NO, NO we do not want to!

You can ask a Goat to do many things you can even get to the point 
where you are begging the goat to do what you need it to do 
BUT if you do not have cookies in your pocket it is 
NOT going to happen until they want to. 

I thought training dogs was tough but I have almost given up on the idea 
of any sort of training for our goats.

 We have a VERY SMALL herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats

 and a few Hair sheep to keep our pasture mowed.

I enjoy the company of goats but getting anything done 
always requires help and supervision.

Did you want me to get you that drill bit?
Here I found your Clippers!

 They have very individual personalities,  
much like dogs and crave your attention. 
Don't work PET ME!!!!

Are you sure you are doing that right???

OK son, if we chew here they will give us food to get us to leave them alone!

I do not want to be tied down to daily milking so even though 
Nigerians are wonderful small Dairy Goats, I do not milk my girls. 
I breed to sell as Pets and as Dairy Goats for others.
Since they are my pets they are truly spoiled

 to the very point that they live in what we call our Goat Castle.

The only issue with owning Goats of any breed
 is that nothing GREEN is EVER safe from them.
Every Tree in our Pasture lives INSIDE
A CAGE to keep it safe.

But our goats do have a pasture with an Ocean View.


  1. They are so cute (and helpful?)! Love the goat castle.

    1. We love them. Building the castle has been fun.

  2. I love to watch the kids at adorable!

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    1. Whan things are awful there are our animals to make our lives better.